About me

Hi, it's me Li

With more than 18 years experience I’ve learned to appreciate several things during my career. Such as I believe in LESS IS MORE, love yourself and true beauty comes from within!

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Who is Beautiful Morning and does it have any meaning?

Simple, it’s the translation of my name – Li (beautiful) Dawn (morning).

A tad playful because in this job I regularly set my alarm clock at an early time.

I am the Mrs. of Mr. Mulder and blessed with 4 cookie monsters. Born in Singapore and raised in Germany, I knew from a young age that I wanted to become a Make-up Artist.

In Asian culture however having a successful career is basically a must. So becoming a make-up artist was actually “not done”. Because I have a knack for languages, I first started out in the world of tourism and later ended up working as an entertainer at a hotel  in Mallorca. It was therefore important to make yourself and your crew beautiful. The itch for make-up returned and I decided to follow a program at House of Orange in the Netherlands. The interest for hairstyling came a little later. The rest is history 🙂

Do I keep up with the trends?

Well of course! The current hot trend are the effortless casual looking hairstyles á la Tonya Stylist. To further develop my skills, I followed a course in London with Tonya. I also followed an additional training at Hairboss University with the Sydney based Cara Clyne.

What do you like about your profession?

I love seeing all the emotions on such a special day of “my” bride, her dear friends and relatives and feeling the warmth and hospitality.

Credit image: door Lana | Model: momsdotme
Video: Modernstory